2021 Annual Heat Illness Prevention Network
Virtual Meeting

April 29th, 2021

This is Cal/OSHA’s Annual Heat Illness Prevention Network Meeting

Learn the requirements to protect outdoor workers from heat illness, receive important updates on workplace safety and have your questions answered by Cal/OSHA during this yearly call.

What: The Heat Illness Prevention Network (HIP Network) is a voluntary partnership of public agencies, employers and other representatives established to increase awareness of heat illness prevention measures. The call is a yearly opportunity to engage with the network and hear directly from Cal/OSHA.

Agenda: Discussions on:

·      Requirements for COVID-19 and heat illness prevention.
·      Summary of 2020 heat-related fatality cases and lessons learned.
·      Regulation update:
o   Wildfire smoke protection
o   Nighttime illumination in agriculture
o   Indoor heat
·      Labor laws, including pay and retaliation, from the Labor Commissioner’s Office.
·      Questions and answers.